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  ULVAC Vacuum Furnace (Shenyang) Co., Ltd (hereafter reffered as USY) is a wholly-owned company invested by ULVAC Japan which is also a professional industrial vacuum furnaces manufacturer. USY products including vacuum induction melting furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, vacuum heat treatment furnaces and other applying vacuum equipments. USY covers an area of 30000 square meter; the employees are more than 180 employees; the sales achievement is 328 million CNY in 2012. USY passed ISO9001 quality management system and some equipments got the CE certification issued by TüV SüD such as 600kg strip caster, 300kg sintering furnace, continuous vacuum sintering furnace and other type furnaces.
USY is a director of the magnetic material and device industry, and always devotes our services and supports to the magnetic material manufacturers, such as China, Japan, Russia, UK, US, Germany, Slovenia, Thailand and other companies all around the world, especially in the field of NdFeB rare-earth permanent magnet. USY can provide all types of vacuum furnaces used for magnetic material industry, including strip casters, vacuum induction melting furnaces, continuous hydrogen decrepitating furnaces, vacuum sintering furnaces, vacuum annealing furnaces, NdFeB whole set production line equipments and the furnace type including batch type furnaces, double chamber furnaces, three chamber furnaces, semi multi chamber furnaces and multi chamber continuous furnaces etc.

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